Homestory CL500


Thomas (52)

A visit with Thomas, a successful architect responsible for numerous industrial buildings and homes,
spread across Europe. A house? No. We step into the centre of someone's life. It's immediately apparent
when he welcomes us in with a broad smile: "Life consists of  mercurial transformation and the search for constants.
So I only want to live at a place that I built and designed myself."


Anchor points, beyond life's endless hustle

We take a seat on a high-quality leather couch of beautiful proportions that comfortably and refreshingly accentuate it's owners statements, without taking centre stage.

"Life in the city or out in the country – people need more than just structural solutions for the various areas of life in today's hectic world. Instead we need visions that radiate both security and sustainability", he says to explain his approach. He has to laugh: "Before you ask: it took a few years before I noticed that the source of strength for my consistent professional success comes from my personal living environment. Admittedly, some of the years were wild and hungry ..."

We have no difficulty imagining this to be true. But in the sparkle in his eyes we also notice an earnest, yet largely contended expression. And we are right: "I'm not done yet", says the likeable project manager. "Instead I've arrived at a point where I can structure my life the way I want it: I enjoy spending time with friends, my limited leisure time, sailing with the wind, great discussions and fine dining. And when I get home to this place, each item of furniture, every accessory here in this room, tells me its story – and with it the story of my life. That's what makes the difference."

Anchor points, beyond life's endless hustle
"Every moment is important. It's time for myself."

Home: a symbol for existence

We take a look round the semi-open living area.
It's an attractive ambience! Just like the host: stylish, tasteful and with a touch of class, all of it wrapped up in a certain understated charm. Even the more pragmatic looking items of furniture exude a special feel that tells us we are experiencing individuality in its purest form. Just sitting on the classic sofa, we suddenly sense a cultivated aura that we embrace only too gladly. Or settle into, as the case may be. It's obvious that the design is as clear as it is monumental. "It's hard to hide my professional preferences", says the creative maestro with a nod. "The visionary, beautiful side, the delight in the creative process and its results – all of these things are reflected here, at home."

Home: a symbol for existence
"My books, the LPs from my youth, the things I eat, my furniture – they all add up to who I am."

Refugium für Kreativität

Wir fragen uns und ihn, woher Thomas die Energie für seine Projekte schöpft, wobei uns die Antwort nicht überrascht: „Unter freiem Himmel oder hier, das macht für mich keinen Unterschied. Wichtig ist für mich, dass ich mich dabei entspannen kann, runterkomme, um mich Neuem öffnen zu können. Genau das zeichnet diesen Rückzugsort, mein Zuhause aus: Es passt sich meinen Stimmungen an.“ Nachgehakt: Und wo denkt es sich hier am schönsten?
„Lehnen Sie sich mal zurück“, fordert er uns auf. „Merken Sie’s? Das Sofa passt sich jeder Ihrer Bewegungen an, nicht Sie sich seiner Form. Wissen Sie, mein Beruf verlangt starre Normen – doch hier gelten meine Bedingungen. Funktionales kann zugleich komfortabel und schön sein – danach habe ich bewusst gesucht.“


An Interview with Thomas

Your life in one sentence? "I've arrived.“
Who do you admire? "People who create valuable items with their hands."
Three things that make you thoughtful? "Our throwaway mentality, detached lifestyles, the daily news."
What is your biggest dream? "To see the northern lights, once at least."
Where would you like to live in five years? "Right here."


Design & Material

"My grandfather was a cobbler. The scent of leather and watching a masterpiece come into being under the skilful hands of a true expert were the most beautiful things I could imagine, even as a young boy. I still love the feel of  thick leather and am especially proud when my upholstery sits perched on delicate legs. The freedom to design things the way I envisage them and to use premium materials are equally important to me as timeless proportions."

Hans-Dieter Schmidt, Master Upholsterer


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