The Erpo Premium functions

Optimaler Komfort, die variantenreiche Anpassung.

As a premium manufacturer, we devote all our attention to your comfort. That's why we take great care in the development of our functional sofas to equip the different sitting zones so that you define for yourself what comfortable sitting means to you.


The right position in every situation: With the patented special folding mechanism, the backrest and seat move synchronously from the upright sitting position to the comfortable reclining position depending on the shift in body weight. So you can experience the ideal sitting comfort in every situation.

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Harmoniously matching the design, they fulfil your need for relaxation - at just the right moment.

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Seat and back mechanism. Two-stage, electric motorised fitting with wall-free function.

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Erpo Motion

To adjust your electric motorised chair, simply press a button.

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Sit & Sleep

There is nothing better than sitting comfortably and sleeping relaxed. With Erpo Sit & Sleep, both are possible.

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