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Erpo is seating. culture.

In Ertingen, we have been making upholstered furniture for sitting comfort since 1952. Optimal comfort, excellent seating adjustment for the sitter, high practical value and outstanding craftsmanship are the distinguishing features of our upholstery.

Sophisticated manufacturing techniques ensure production meets the highest standards of quality. In 2013/2014 and for the 5th time in succession, our 170 employees were praised by the "markt intern" magazine and the company was voted into first place in the customer satisfaction survey.

The collection where individuality knows no bounds.

Majestic, supreme, timeless - our Classics series. A modern way of life fused with a classic, disciplined form. High-quality materials and superior workmanship underscore the perception of something special.

Classics Serie

Special touch for pleasant sitting.

Seats that always adapt flexibly to the shifting body weight of your personal sitting habits - those are models from our collection.

Collection Serie

My world, my home.

avantgarde is the epression of a modern attitude to life, whereby constant values are equally as important as the quest for a new paths and challenges.

Avantgarde Serie

Seating pleasure to give a rise.

Seating that promises relaxation should, Itself, be produced in an atmosphere of the utmost calm and care. We put a lot of thought into our Relax Armchairs, right down to the very last detail, and they are created in our factory with high levels of technical precision.

Relax Serie

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The Erpo seating. culture.
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The Easy-Up stand-up function
For those who like to sit and get up with ease. See here how easy it is with Easy-up.


The Easy-Up stand-up function

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